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Terms & Conditions

To maintain a mature and fun experience within our community's chatroom. We ask each user to adhere to the below set of rules

1. No links to NSFW, gore, violence, blood or Copyrighted material of any kind in chat. 

2. Spamming in chat will result in a warning and a possibly getting muted. 

3. Please do not advertise during a live set of a DJ, unless it is the live DJ's own material linked. (ex. Facebook live, SoundCloud, MixCloud etc.) 

4. Banter is okay so long as it is doesn't escalate too far. 

5. No mini-modding, we have our own mods! 

6. Please refrain from heavy discussions as it usually becomes drama or a heated battle between two sides or people ͏ 

7. Please do not abuse the Whisper/PM features, do not PM live DJs during their show/set.͏ ͏ 

8. When in doubt, Mods and Admins hold final and complete judgement. 

9. No discussion of illegal content, Torrenting, Piracy etc, keep sharing away from public chat. 

10. No trolling, it makes you an unwanted person. ͏ 

11. Do not be an unwanted person, this is a music related community. The keyword is COMMUNITY. ͏ 

12. Preferably keep any discussion in English. ͏ 

13. Pushing the Rules will be counted as breaking the rules. ͏ 

14. If you have an invisible name, offensive name, or a name that is too hard to mention or see you will be asked to change it. 

15. If you ban/mute evade or use it for any evading, you will be banned on based on other identifying markers. ͏ 

16. Only staff may share radio details, when in doubt, pass on the request to any STAFF member. ͏ 

17. As a DJ refrain from music with lyrics that may unintentionally be considered as offensive to some. ͏ 

18. Music with explicit themes and/or lyrics is allowed if not offensive to our Audience. And only in moderation. 

19. We assume the music you play on this music community is from legit origin! ͏ 

20. When sharing song titles, all rules apply to the tags shown in current playing songs, be sure to have them tagged accordingly. ͏ 

21. DJs and staff are the business card of the community, make sure you as a DJ, or staff act accordingly. 

22. At all times, the DJs are responsible for the material they play, BV merely offers a platform and resources for broadcasting. 

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