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How To Setup OBS Encoder.

1.Download The Streamlabs OBS Encoder For Your PC Device You Use.

2.Install And Open OBS Encoder On Your Computer.

Step 1: Connecting your streaming account

The first thing Streamlabs OBS will ask for is to connect to a streaming account – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Dlive, or NimoTV (the last two visible under the dropdown menu).

Planning on only using to enhance your video calls – it is still worth adding an account

If you have installed Streamlabs OBS to stream on one of these platforms this is inherently important. If you are however intending to use Streamlabs to enhance your Zoom calls, connecting an external account is not critical (and can be skipped), although will allow you to sync your scenes between computers.

The two simplest accounts to add if you don’t plan on livestreaming are Facebook or ‘YouTube/Google’. The YouTube logo in red below actually just connects to Google – the only caveat being that a red warning will display at the bottom of your Streamlabs account indicating that you have not configured YouTube for livestreaming (which you can ignore). 


If you for example select YouTube (Google), you will be presented with be directed to login into your account. 

Step 2: Selecting your Streamlabs plan

Streamlabs offered paid plans that provide additional features, particularly for online game streaming. Unless you are already familiar with Streamlabs (for example moving from OBS specifically for some of the premium features), you can click on the Free plan. The free plan contains all the features you will need for most video conferencing – and especially if you are using Streamlabs to enhance your video conferencing calls. 

Selecting your Streamlabs plan

Step 3: Importing your OBS files – or start fresh

If you have previously used OBS you can import your exiting scenes and settings – if not, click ‘Start Fresh’ to skip this stage. 

Step 4: Setting up your Mic and Webcam

You’ll now be prompted to select your mic and webcam – both can be changed later. Just select from the drop-down list and click continue. 

Step 5: Selecting a Theme​

The final stage before you are good to go is selecting a ‘theme’ – essentially some pre-configured slides to help you get started. 

These are mostly intended for game streamers, if you will be using Streamlabs to enhance your video conference webcam feed you can also skip this stage. 

Navigating Streamlabs

That’s it – you have completed the initial setup of Streamlabs OBS and can begin using the platform.

Below indicates the basic screen. This includes:

  1. The video stream: This is where you will see your video stream
  2. Your scenes: The collection of ‘scenes’, equivalent to slides
  3. Sources: The components of your scenes (e.g., your webcam)
  4. Mixer: If you are combining together several sounds
  5. Settings: Allows you to configure Streamlabs OBS

PC Mic Settings

13. Right Click The Speaker On Your Desktop Tool Bar. Click The Sound Tab Option.

14. Click The Recording Tab And Double Click The Device You Want From The List 

15. Click The Levels Tab And Turn Down Mic If Need Be. If You Have The Bass Boost Option Turn Right Down. As You Don’t Need This Setting.

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