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How To Setup Butt Encoder.

1.Download The Butt Encoder For Your PC Device You Use.

2.Install And Open Butt Encoder On Your Computer.

3. Click The Settings Tab On The Right Hand Side Of The Butt Encoder.

4.Make Sure You Are On The Main Tab Of Settings And Click Add New Server. 

5. Add Bouncy Vibes Radio Into The Name Tab.

6. Add Your DJ Radio Info Into The Address / Port And Password Tabs And Click The Add Button.

If You Don’t Have Any Radio Info Please Contact A Admin For Your Radio Info.

Audio & Bitrate Settings

7. Now Click The Audio Tab On Settings.

8. Select The Audio Device You Wish To Use . Mic Or Any Other Devices In The Drop Down List.

9. Select The Channel Mode To Stereo And The Sample Rate At 44100Hz .

10. Streaming And Recording Set To Mp3 And 320k Sound.

Butt Recordin Settings

11. Click The Recording Tab On Settings And Select Where You Would Like To Save The Recordings To.

12. To Record A Mix Offline Just Click The Record Button On Butt Encoder. To Go Live And Record Click Both Play And Record.

You Are Now Set To Stream Live On Bouncy Vibes Radio Click Play When You Want To Stream Live On The Radio, Please Book Your Slots First On The DJ Panel.

PC Mic Settings

13. Right Click The Speaker On Your Desktop Tool Bar. Click The Sound Tab Option.

14. Click The Recording Tab And Double Click The Device You Want From The List 

15. Click The Levels Tab And Turn Down Mic If Need Be. If You Have The Bass Boost Option Turn Right Down. As You Don’t Need This Setting.


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